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I'm a critic based in Brooklyn, writing about film, books, and culture.

About me

I'm a writer with work in BuzzFeed, Vulture, and Catapult. I also write a monthly newsletter about film, where I talk about stuff like trends in filmmaking and why we still remember the Napoleon Dynamite dance. You can subscribe to that here.

I was an Ann Friedman Fellow in 2022. I've previously screened film for the Alamo Drafthouse's Fantastic Fest and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival.


“An Interview with Jenny Odell, BookPage
Memoria and the Limitations of Ebert's Empathy Machine,” Bright Wall, Dark Room

“RIP Ronzoni’s Pastina, the Star-Shaped Pasta of So Many Italian American Childhoods,” Bon Appetit

31 New Books We Can't Wait to Read in 2023, Vulture
Why I Started Writing Crossword Puzzles,Catapult
“This Halloween, Nothing Is Scarier Than an Aging Woman,” BuzzFeed News
The Scream Gap,” The Audacity, unpaywalled here
“What the Menu Says—and Doesn't Say—About American Wealth,” Moviemaker Magazine
“Why Nope is the Perfect Movie for the Biden Era,” Electric Literature
“Sex, Love, and Assimilation in the New World: A Brief History of White Ethnicities in Rom-Coms,” The Syllabus Project
“Publishing is a Nightmare,” Crime Reads
“White Audiences & Black Martyrdom,” Electric Literature
“Reject Tradition and Watch a Crime Drama This Thanksgiving,” Crime Reads
“The Enduring Filth of Seven Beauties, Projektor


Rest Is Relaxation by Tricia Hersey
Predator by Ander Monson
Animal Joy by Nuar Alsadir
Fruit Punch by Kendra Allen
Some of My Best Friends by Tajja Isen
The Impossible City by Karen Cheung

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Men I Trust by Tommi Parrish